Philanthropy and Aging Services Panel
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Panel to begin at 8:30am PST.

By 2060, it is estimated that the population of Americans over 65 will climb to 98.2 million – double the estimated population in 2015, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. A soon-to-be released Giving USA Special Report, Giving and the Golden Years: The Role of Private Giving in Aging Services Organizations, questions how aging services organizations (ASO’s) will be able to fiscally bear that growth. During The Giving Institute’s special live webcast on Friday, March 3, a panel of philanthropy experts will discuss the report and its findings, which provides a first-of-its-kind benchmark of the national aging services landscape, including information on state-by-state coverage and how these critical organizations are supported financially. Insights from this panel discussion will help organizations focused on serving aging populations to look at their current financial support and long-term trends to make decisions on how to ensure future financial stability.



Cedric Richner, Co-Founder & President, Richner & Richner

Laura MacDonald, President, Benefactor Group

Jeffrey D. Byrne, Jeffrey D. Byrne, Chair of The Giving Institute and President + CEO of Jeffrey D. Byrne + Associates, Inc


Online Moderator: Rachel Hutchisson, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy, Blackbaud



  • John Feather, Chief Executive Officer of Grantmakers In Aging
  • Tom Hofmann, Ohio Living Chief Foundation Officer

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Jeffrey D. Byrne

Laura MacDonald

Cedric Richner

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March 03, 2017